Text Box: WM 1220/1.1/5B/1Ph/(48”) Exhaust Fan    (Part No:TP8120)
Text Box: Suitable for Commercial, Industrial, Livestock Applications and More!





Single Phase Current         


22, 100 c.f.m. @ 0.104” W.G.


(Up to 26pa) Shed Resistance





· 1.1 kW ( 1 hp ) x Single Phase

· 6.8 Operating amps

· Single Belt Drive

· Motor: 1400 r.p.m.   /   Fan Impeller: 500 r.p.m

· Spring tension motor mounting (no adjustment required)

· Fan drive shaft with sealed bearings

· Standard “A” section belts

· Variable pitch

· 5 smooth nylon aerofoil shape blades

· Segmented hub

· Easy to remove fan taper lock bush

· Positive centrifugal open and close louver mechanism with stainless steel springs to close louvers

· Nylon louver bushes

· Noise Level: 38 dBA @ 100 metres




· Tunnel Ventilation sheds with or without Evaporative Cooling Pads

· Cross Flow Sheds with Wall Adjustable Flaps

· Broiler Sheds

· Breeder Sheds

· Hydroponics

· Livestock, Pigs and Rabbits


· Will not stall when resistance increases with shed air intakes becoming blocked

· Will out perform all metal shaped blade fans




Height: 1130mm

Width: 1130mm

Depth: 720mm


*Dimensions above include guards*




· Heavy duty sealed ball bearings

· Adjustable fan blades and louvers

· Not to be compared with light gauge imports

Optional Extras

· Light Eliminators (spacing can either be 20mm or 40mm - depending upon application)


· 1 Year from entry into operating service