Text Box: 	F.H. 800/0.55kW/6B/Fixed Speed         (Part No: TP6050)






Three Phase Current         


12,000 c.f.m.



· .55 kW ( 3/4 hp ) x single speed

· Three Phase

· 415V      935 rpm motor

· Motor fully sealed against moisture

· 6 Blades

· GRP Bladed Impeller

· Round galvanized casing with protection guards

· Hub all nylon with motor shaft nylon taper lock bush

· No seize type

· 4 hole mounting position brackets on base

· 6m or 8m power cord with plug

· Quiet operation 66 dBA @ 3mtr.




· Air Flow for Curtain Sheds

· Full shed length air movement

· Totally enclosed sheds with side flaps or small exhaust fans

· Ideal for mixing heated air in sheds from heaters

· Factory Air Circulation and Machine Heating Ventilation

· Applications also include bird / livestock unloading bays, shearing sheds, rabbit farms and dairies, horse training shed, gymnasiums, fume extractions, dust removal, urine odor removal and foundry heat control  


BENEFITS: Reduces Gas Costs, Superior Air Spreader, Reduces humidity and ammonia gas, keeps air moving in hot climate conditions, and does not disturb birds


WHAT THIS FAN CAN REPLACE? Any similar diameter fans which  produce higher useable velocity air flow.

 Air Speed



Distance from fan - 80’ (   m)

Width - 48’ (   m)

*Will not disturb birds with excess air*

 Power Consumption



1.25 amps

Speed Control

Fixed 925rpm

Weight with Guards


29 - 30 Kg’s     (with Variable Speed Control)

Case Dimensions

Diameter: 865mm

Width: 290mm

*Dimensions above include guards*