Text Box: WM 1000/1.1/5B/3Ph/BD                     (Part No: TP7080)
Text Box: Suitable for Commercial, Industrial, Livestock Applications and More!





Three Phase Current         


16, 000 c.f.m.


0.05 W.G. (12.5 pa) Shed Resistance




· 1.1kW ( 1.5 hp ) x Three Phase

· 2.5 Operating amps

· Full loaded Current

· 2.6 amps

· Three Phase

· Fully sealed motor to IP54

· Spring loaded motor mounts

· Belt Drive

· 5 Blades

· Nylon Bladed Impeller

· Mechanical Opening Louvers

· Fan Shaft sealed ball bearing

· Quiet operation 64 dBA @3m




· Tunnel Sheds

· Cross Flow Sheds

· Amonia Gas & Humidity Control

· Removing air borne litter

· Ideal for removing large or small amounts of spent air

· Versatile exhaust fan for general purpose

· Livestock

· Nurseries

· Factories

· Poultry Sheds

· Excellent for Brooding


*Can operate directly in the same area as a higher capacity ventilation fans without air flow loss*


Fits directly within the shed wall (minimum of 650mm - 720mm from floor)




Height: 1130mm

Width: 1130mm

Depth: 720mm


*Dimensions above include guards*

 Wall Hole Size


1140mm   x   1140mm


*Square on all sides*

Optional Extra

Light Eliminators (spacing can either be 20mm or 40mm - depending upon application)

Special Features

· Louvers not effected by outside winds

· Winds will not close louvers and reduce air flow

· Venturi is rolled minimizing operating costs and upgrading performance in any position

· Extremely Quiet